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USA Today and #1 Bestselling Author


Co-creator of THE CONVOY with Val Mayerik and Eric Fletscher.

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The previous fall a burning celestial body appeared in the night sky, and now it’s orbiting the Earth, causing supernatural creatures—ghouls, werewolves, vampires—to revolt against humanity.


The monsters share a fragile truce amongst their factions as they usurp places of power, and act as an occupation army across the planet.


Humans live in fear, and struggle to survive.


An L.A. maverick named Chris Sanchez—renowned for his courage and heroism despite a lifetime of illegal activities—is summoned by an esteemed professor at the California Institute of Technology. He will organize a convoy to bring a “cure” to a safe location on the East Coast, where it will put to use and an onslaught on the enemy can proceed.


The convoy makes its way across the continent, benefitting from the state of disorder that has swept the country. From town to town, from near-disaster to precarious refuge, Sanchez leads his group resolutely, despite the tensions and suspicions that soon arise among them.


The most dangerous travel there ever was.


Scenes in novel form

Sometimes Eric and I prefer to start the writing of a scene as if it were from a novel. Click below for one featuring what seems to be vampires  (Part II, Chapter 1).

Some of the characters

An artist on top of his game

Val is well-known as the co-creator, with Steve Gerber, of the incredible and unique Howard the Duck

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